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  • Sep 6, 2023

Instagram is a fun app where you can discover the latest info on celebrities, influencers, and yes, even inspiration for promo products! From mega water jugs to party décor, see what is trending this month and what is Instagram-worthy below!


#1 Coffee Press

Who doesn’t love their morning coffee? Show off your cup of joe and how you made it with a fancy coffee press!

Coffee Press Machine


#2 Cinema Light Box

What cuter way to make an announcement than a cinema lightbox? Simply put a statement on the marquee sign and instantly have a viral hit! This would be great for welcoming guests when they walk through the door of a business. 


Cinema Light Box with Wording


#3 Beverage Flight Tray

Nothing like a beer flight with friends! Have your own beer flights at home with a custom wood beverage flight tray. Try out different beers or even have a beer guessing contest! Take a pic and show it off on Insta! #BeerFlightFridays

Beverage Flight Tray#4 Motivational Water Bottle

You’ve probably seen every celebrity with this one, a motivational water jug! Hydration is KEY and this water jug helps you check the actual amount of water intake, (with little motivational notes on the side).  Whether you sit behind an office chair all day or you’re up and going, a little more water doesn’t hurt!

Water Jug with Motivation Phrases


#5 Coloring Journal with Quotes

We can all use a little bit of relaxation. Show off your creative side with a coloring journal! Write and reflect on your day and add some color too! 

Coloring Journal with Quotes

Found some trendy inspiration? Give us a call today and we can make your Instagram wishes come to life!


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